execution efficiency

GRH Law provides innovative legal services to innovative technology companies.  We have developed a highly efficient online office infrastructure model with a centralized, “cloud based” document management system at the core.

Our solution is state of the art technology, with an automated contract management system that offers secure, efficient processing capabilities for corporate records and contracts.  With a focus on continuous improvement and new ideas about “total quality management", we have developed a system that is always accessible and progress is tracked automatically.  Contracts can be signed electronically and secured from loss and data corruption through this integrated system, featuring data encryption with built in redundancy for back up in multiple locations, that all matches SAS 70 and ISO 9000 criteria. 

Life of a Document

From start to finish our clients can count on maximum automation, accessibility and a systematic approach which saves time and significantly reduces legal fees.  Our extranet for clients is fast, reliable and easy to use.  It allows online access to corporate records and documents in a secure environment, at all hours of the day –adding convenience for companies doing business in different time zones around the world.

Documents are all stored in one place with our automated system that controls signatures and execution. We utilize secure links and a back-up system that is protected from loss and data corruption, with multiple offsite locations.  Throughout the process automatic updates are generated to help clients track progress on all contracts and transactions.


case in point: efficient due diligence  

For many businesses, the Due Diligence exercise required for acquisitions can be a very time consuming, costly and frustrating experience. A high level of coordination is required for a business manager to gather and access many documents needed to move the process forward.  For start ups, efficiency is imperative, as there can often be penalties for missing information.  

GRH Law offers clients a very cost effective and efficient solution that provides client access to records which are stored in GRH's online document management system.  Our system provides a secure efficient alternative to the traditional paper based approach that can take days, weeks or months to finalize.